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Our first social project is the 'Healthy Nature, Healthy Us', which started in April 2022.

It takes place in two different venues. The first is on a Sunday afternoon at the Rosemount Community Centre in Aberdeen. Here a group of Ukrainian women refugees take time to unwind, to chat or if they need or want – just to be silent.

TPZ facilitates a range of creative activities for them to take part in from sketching, drawing and painting with colour to playing games to improve their English language, as well as their knowledge concerning health and plants.

Often the painting progresses to decorating a flower pot, which is later planted up from a choice of pet and child friendly easy care plants.

Between 6 and 14 ladies come along each week with an established core group.

We are also lucky to have a regular volunteer, who joins us for most of the Sunday sessions.

The second one is at the Tilly Community Flat. Here men and women with personal issues come along to connect with others, de-stress from hectic lives and improve their own mental well being.

There are similar activities including herbal infusion tastings and personal health awareness raising.

This session also has a regular helper in the form of a health student placement from the University of Aberdeen.

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