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Sarina Kosewsky-Griffiths

The founder of The Project Zen, Sarina has a background in the arts, education, communications and the sciences. She enjoys coaching and mentoring as well as providing a great customer experience.

As a recent graduate with a master’s in applied health sciences, which included human nutrition, human behaviour and public health, she is inspired by the natural world and science. Couple that with her desire to enhance the lives of others by focusing on improving the health of the environment, the mind and the body, and you will see why The Project Zen was started.


Sarina considers herself to be a lifelong learner using every opportunity to build on her knowledge and is a strong advocate of continuous professional development.


Through her work experience she has realised the importance of a work life balance for human well-being, but also acknowledges that a healthy environment plays a major role for mental and physical health. Sarina takes part in and provides guided meditation sessions.


Currently she is the co-ordinator and trainer for The Project Zen, providing a variety of training and awareness raising sessions to individuals, local groups and businesses: such as quizzes and health projects.


Sarina is eager to form partnerships and work in co-operative projects, anything that helps combat climate change & poor health. She feels strongly that these should be carried out in a sustainable and environmentally aware manner.

Alex Griffiths

Alex started as a volunteer helping with IT and design when TPZ was an idea and an aim. He is now the team's social media co-ordinator, currently researching different topics for the monthly newsletters. He is responsible for keeping TPZ's website current and developing our other social media outlets.He enjoys computer games and creative writing with a background in graphic design.

Emma Fuhrmann

Emma is a fashion textile graduate who loves working on textile designs. She provides a service to The Project Zen Project through her own start up, Unveiling Magpies, such as producing tool bags and aprons.


Emma also volunteers with our social enterprise projects and it is good to have her in the team. She is fascinated by human interaction, especially how we respond to our surroundings, particularly how we understand the world around us through stories.

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