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December 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Thank you everyone for being interested in The Project Zen.

We are still here getting closer and closer to becoming a functioning business. The Project Zen community is growing not only here with the newsletter, but also on our Face Book page

and on LinkedIn. There are plans to go further afield on social media but that will be later next year.

At the moment the 2 pilots I mentioned before are planned to go ahead in January depending on covid restrictions. Our business pilot will be with the staff from the Rosemount Community Centre, and our pilot for individuals will be held at the Tillydrone Community flat. We are also investigating the possibility of running a couple of community projects with the help of a mental health fund if we are successful in our funding bid.

I would like to welcome on board as a future partner in various events Kathryn McFarlane, a wonderful local artist who is very interested in TPZ and a cool friend.

The picture below is my less waste Christmas tree, which is decorated with a snowman put together lovingly by the most excellent Marc from Upbymarc based in the Highlands: .

All that is left to say is The Project Zen and I personally would like to wish you a Safe, Healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year.

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